Employing 58,000 people, Canadian Tire and its Associate Dealers together form Canada’s most-shopped general merchandise retailer, with 482 stores from coast-to-coast. It offers customers a large selection of national and retail brands through three specialty categories in which the organization is the market leader – automotive parts, accessories and service; sports and leisure products; and home products. Also offered are automotive services such as engines fixes, brake changes, windshield wipers and fluid level checks, and muffler, hose, belt and plug replacements. Essentially, if a repair is needed, it’s up to automotive service technicians to find a way to get it done. Before being employed by Canadian Tire, one must attend an automotive service technician apprenticeship.

At Centennial College, Ontario’s first community college, students can study at such an apprenticeship, which is partnered with it but yet designed to be product-generic and cover a broad-range of makes and models from the automotive industry. Therefore, it doesn’t limit one from working at other places of employment should they choose to.

Taking a year to complete, automotive service technician training with the Automotive Service Technician Canadian Tire MAP 32 program is more in-depth than the training one would obtain in a traditional apprenticeship. The in-school portion is conducted from Ashtonbee Campus, which is a fully-equipped transportation training centre. In fact, it is the biggest training centre of its sort in Ontario. For the in-school portion of the program, It supplies the tools and equipment with which you will be training. This makes it convenient to ensure that you are familiar with the tools of this particular company, as the hands-on part of the automotive service technician training takes place at a Canadian dealer. Field placement gives students the opportunity to face real life scenarios, apply what they have learned, network and gain insight into the industry from seasoned professionals.

To apply for the one-year program, students are required to present at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or GED or equivalent. They should also be employed by a Canadian Tire dealership or selected through an interview process. For this automotive service technician apprenticeship, candidates may apply directly to Centennial College. As space in the program is limited, acceptance is based on successful completion of all entry requirements. Successful applicants must obtain an employer and then register as a MAP apprentice with the Apprenticeship Branch of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

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Vehicle maintenance and repair, nowadays, has become a frustrating responsibility that is eating up your precious time and diverting your attention from the core-business. After all, you earn money by managing your business and not wasting energies on fixing cars and trucks. Situations get worse when you’re in the Black town area and desperately need the best truck and car repairs. In such scenario, you can rely on the services of professional automotive companies.
But before choosing a company as your automotive service provider you must know what really they can offer to you.
Here is the complete list of services that they offer:

1. Black Town Vehicle Repairs

If you are struck in a Blacktown having a professional automotive service provider by your side is a big relief. Their expert truck/car repair specialists will have your vehicle back on the road and in brilliant working order in no time.

2.Mechanical Truck Repairs

Good vehicle maintenance companies offer a full complement of repairs including:

Brakes service and repair.

Suspension service and repair

Engine re-conditioning.

Clutch and gearbox repairs.

Diff service and repair.

Cooling service and repair.

Air-conditioning service and repair.

3.Fleet Vehicle Repairs

Apart from individual vehicle repair services, automotive enterprises also offer fleet repairs and maintenance services. Several truck and bus companies undertake such services to get rid from the mess of regular maintenance, repair and huge expenses. It makes sure that people have fewer costly breakdowns and ensures maximum efficiency.

4.Emergency Breakdown Services

Professional automotive service companies will offer you emergency breakdown services for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It ensures your un-interrupted journeys for 365 days a year.

5.Light, Heavy Vehicle Repairs

Best automotive service provider companies also have options of repair and maintenance of other light and heavy vehicles. They can offer you services such as:

Log book services

Registration inspections

Tune-ups and major services.

Tyres and wheel balancing and much, much more.

6.Door to Door Services

Best part of professional maintenance companies is that that they provide services at the locations convenient to you. Their mobile repair van is always ready to conduct repairs and maintenance of your vehicle at a time and place that is apt for you.

7.Special maintenance services

They can offer a maintenance program which is tailored specifically for your fleet, car, trucks and other light/heavy vehicles. A specific maintenance schedule will keep your vehicle in good health and ensures its longevity.

8.Follow up

If you are not 100% satisfied with the repair and maintenance services, then you can register a complaint within seven days. Your problems will be sorted out under the follow up policy of the company. If you not satisfied again, you will get back the full payment.

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About Automotive connectors Parts and Its Product Range:

There are hundreds of different types of connectors that are used for all sorts of applications, including automotive applications. In simple terms, an electrical connector is just an electro-mechanical device that joins electrical circuits to an interface. It can either join two lengths of copper wire or cable, or connect wire and cable or an optical interface to an electrical terminal. The main characteristics of electrical connectors are their pin out, physical construction, contact resistance, size, and insulation between pins, ruggedness, and resistance to vibration, resistance to the entry of contaminants, resistance to pressure, lifetime, and reliability. These are more or less universal characteristics that can be found in that regardless of their specific application. Good quality is Automotive usually easy to assembly, inexpensive, and requires simple tooling at most.

Some very common types of electrical are terminal blocks, posts, crimp-on connectors, insulation displacement connectors, plug and socket connectors, component and device connectors, blade connectors, and ring and spade terminals. In addition, these following connectors are also fairly commonly used: 8P8C connectors, D-subminiature connectors, USB connectors, power connectors, radio frequency connectors, DC connectors, and hybrid connectors.

Specifically for automotive applications, you can find a variety of product lines from manufacturers such has 3M, Amphenol, AVX, Cinch, Cooper Bussmann, Delphi Connection Systems, EDAC, FCI, Hirose Electric, JAE Electronics, Littelfuse, Molex, Song Chuan, TE Connectivity, and Yamaichi Electronics, among others. For example, TE Connectivity offers 2.5/1.5 pin diameter connection systems, 5mm centerline IDC connectors, circular plastic connectors, dynamic series connectors, flexible film contacts, G series modular connectors, marinate connectors, and miniature/standard AIMP-IN terminals, and proper connectors, just to name a few. These are all for various automotive applications such as cockpit and engine harnesses, ECU and fuse boxes, fuse and relay holders, and PC board electronics. Molex, another major manufacturer of automotive connectors, has products that include standard sealed and unsealed connectors as well as custom-built power and signal harnesses which can service power train and in-car entertainment.

Automotive applications refer to anything from electrical configurations of a vehicle to the power train and the in-car stereo and entertainment. It could be any number of more specific applications within the automotive application itself, each requiring a different specific type of connector as a part of the entire configuration. Hence, there are hundreds of different type and thousands more for other unrelated applications. You will be able to find such connectors from any of the major aforementioned manufacturers or through large distributors. The ones that are available for individual consumer use can be found on the retail level through shops such as AutoZone.

You can browse on web for leading distributor of all types of automotive connectors Parts from a comprehensive list of manufacturers. On this sites where you can get tier 1 pricing from manufacturers which pass selected savings to you.

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Finding out automotive connectors

A car’s electrical product is the single most important parts to hold for your vehicle to work correctly. Disconnecting auto electrical connectors is important to doing this. As it might appear to be an evident skill, auto electrical connectors are built to keep in touch under high speeds and vibrations through the engine. It can be easier to break the bond then to disconnect it if you do not see the basic variety of their locking system. When you fully grasp this, it is possible to disconnect auto electrical connectors regardless of the sort.

Electrical automotive connectors for household electrical wiring were made to remove easily for future replacing switches, outlets or appliances. A bayonet style connector for electrical and electronic connections is usually suitable for quick disconnection and it’s reusable. Some automotive connectors may be parted and reused, but many types clamp around connected wires so that they have to be slashed on release connections. Separate any sort of electrical connector no matter its application.

A riding trimmer typically utilizes a 12 volt lead-acid battery. For many people lawnmowers, it only can last for one season; in order that it could be essential to invest in a new lawnmower battery at least 12 months.

Applying grease to a automotive electrical plug connector is an excellent method to shield the link from water and corrosion. Electrical grease results in a film that can help to secure the text and prevents the metal terminals from corrosion caused by weather.Automotive connector sunder the hood, spark plugs boots and then any other electrical connection which is prone to the next wind storm take advantage of the employing dielectric grease. Dielectric grease is actually a silicone-based grease that will not transmit electrical current. Dielectric grease comes in tubes at auto parts stores.

A vehicle battery can be another 12 volt lead-acid battery. Automotive batteries are created to continue for many years before needing replacement. By modifications on the lawn mower’s battery cables, a smallish automotive battery enables you to attempt a trimmer.

To circumvent service outages or crashes on electronics, many connectors secure spot to avoid accidental disconnection. Some automotive connectors twist set up, some have collars with automotive connectors which require one-fourth turn, some have threaded collars yet others have spring-loaded clips or snaps that that hold them in position. Locking connectors are located on AC cords for important equipment, and perhaps they are utilized for industrial, automotive, telecommunications and aerospace. Its not necessary tools to separate your lives locking connectors. Never attempt to force a locking connector to find it.

Every circuit included in a contemporary car must be explain to you an automotive relay. The factory wiring in modern cars is light gauge, and isn’t suitable for additional loads. A relay can often power a fresh circuit with almost no added current use the first wiring. With a relay may also shorten the length that high-current wiring should run.

Automotive connectors systems for most automobiles require less power as opposed to automotive charging strategy is perfect for generating. However, audio systems which draw greater than 100 watts per channel may siphon power using their company accessories, like headlights, when scalping strategies are operated in the evening. 1 keep a sound system from siphoning power using their company devices is with a huge (500 mF to 1F) audio capacitor. Wiring this capacitor inside of a parallel circuit with all the battery charge you the capacitor and lessen any power fluctuations a sound system could cause.

Automotive connectors, sometimes called Molex connectors, are ubiquitous from the auto industry. There’s valid reason with the: unplugging one or even a few plugs with many different connectors each simplifies and increases wired component replacement, rather than almost every other connection method. Every motor unit, sensor and factory-wired radio has them. Following your initial installation, miswiring gets a non-issue. You will find there’s specific technique and tool looking for the career. The socket automotive connectors sports ths male pins, as well as the plug connector props up female pins.

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